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Skyward Parents and Families

Skyward Family Access

Skyward Family Access Link: QVSD Family and Student Access

Instructions for accessing Skyward Family Access

Instructions for changing parent email in Skyward

In our ongoing effort to increase communication between school and home, we are pleased to offer Skyward Family Access to our families. Skyward is our state wide student information system, and all families have access to the system.  With this online ability, you will be able to view your child’s schedule, daily attendance, quarter/semester grades and gradebooks, and general and emergency information. The information is on a secure server, and you will access the information using a unique login and password. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I don't have a Skyward login/password?
If you do not have a login/password, please contact Debbie Hull (360-374-6262 x107) or email and she will provide you your login/password.

What if I'm experiencing difficulties with my login/password?
Please contact Debbie Hull (360-374-6262 x107) or email and she will be able to help you or refer you to receive additional help.

How often are gradebooks updated in Skyward?
Gradebooks are updated at different intervals by different teachers. All teachers have committed to updating their gradebooks to communicate the most accurate grades and progress for their students.  If you have questions about updates, please contact the teacher directly.

What do assignments on the missing list mean?
In Skyward, if an assignment if past due or marked missing it appears on your child's missing assignment list. When looking at those assignments, pay careful attention to any special scores or comments as they may explain the situation further. For instance, there may be a code of TI (Turned In). This means that the assignment is turned in, has yet to be scored, but is not really missing. If you have questions about a specific assignment, you need to contact the teacher.

Is there scheduled downtime for the Skyward System?
Skyward Family Access is unavailable at scheduled times throughout the school year for routine maintenance. The maintenance schedule for 2013-2014:

Nov 9th, 2013
Mar 8th, 2014
Jul 12th, 2014